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What you can expect from me

- Clients are treated with respect and dignity.

- I provide clients with a competent, professional massage/training each time they come for an appointment.

- Personal and professional boundaries are respected at all times.

- I customize my sessions to meet the client’s needs.

- I do not diagnose.

- I respect all clients regardless of their age, gender, national origin, race, sexual orientation, religion, socio-economic status, body type, political affiliation, state of health or personal habits.

- Privacy and confidentiality are maintained at all times.

- My equipment and supplies are clean and safe.

- Payment is due at the time of service unless other arrangements have been made prior to treatment. I accept cash, checks and credit cards.


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What I expect from you

- Clients are able to wear shorts / sports bra / tank top during treatments if desired.

- If a client arrives late for their scheduled appointment; their massage will still end at the appointed time and charged full price.

- Be clean, having showered the same day as the massage session.

- Be present (not under the influence of drugs/alcohol).

- Clients provide a health history, and update it when necessary.

- If cancellation is necessary, please give 24 hours’ notice. Otherwise you will be charged 50% of the session. Emergency cancellations are determined at the therapist’s discretion.