Online Personal Training App

Get all of the benefits of having a personal trainer in your pocket!

Work out when its Convenient for You

Your workout schedule is provided for you ahead of time and it is SUPER FLEXIBLE for those moments when life tries to get in the way of your fitness!

Now you can have knowledgeable advice from a personal trainer at literally ANY time of the day

The app will keep your workouts in the schedule for up to a week after their scheduled day in case things get crazy

Record Keeping and Notes for Every Exercise

Recording your reps, weights, time and any notes has now gotten extremely convenient!

Type them into the app as you complete each exercise and hit save. Now you and your trainer can see what you save and keep you motivated and striving for improvement!

Instructional/Coaching Videos

Every exercise in every workout comes with instructional videos and written descriptions so you know exactly what to do no matter which exercise I throw at you from my exercise library of over 250 exercises.

From time to time you will receive coaching videos describing the goals of your workout phase or some tips and tricks I would like you to know as you progress.

Comparison Videos for Form Correction

Film a side by side comparison with your camera any time that you would like a trainer's eye to see if your form is correct.

Save the video and only you and your trainer can see your form. Your trainer can then send you some feedback or alternatives.

Progress and Results Tracking

Be positive that you are seeing results by ACTUALLY TRACKING THEM! Depending on your goals, we are able to track anything from weight and measurements to progress photos and more!




In-app Messaging / Email and Group Support

Speak directly to your trainer with the in-app messaging service. You will also receive emails from time to time, checking in on your progress and your happiness with the program.

Get access to our private Facebook Group for additional support, tips and tricks and place to share our successes to keep each other excited and motivated.