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Personal Training

Each personal training client is unique and I know that. That is why each client has their own custom tailored workout program. I keep track of your progress and continuously push you to be better than your previous self.

No, I do not scream at you and I definitely don't follow the "No Pain, No Gain" philosophy. I do however, encourage you to expand your mental limits and truly see what you are capable of in a safe and challenging environment.

I've worked with all types of clients ranging from first time exercisers to experienced athletes of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Are you going to get tired and sweaty?...probably.

Are you going to call me whatever bad name your tired mind can think of?...probably.

Are you going to feel a change?....definitely.


Face-to-Face Packages

8 Sessions*     $468

12 Sessions*   $663

24 Sessions* $1248

36 Sessions* $1755


*Sessions are typically 60 minutes in length

Online Monthly Training Subscription


*Access to my Personal Training App, 2-4 day per week training schedule, instructional/coaching videos, in-app messaging/email support, results and progress tracking


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